Practice Schedule

REGULAR SEASON: September ~ August

Training Facilities - Pool Directions 

WAC - Webster Aquatic Center (WAC)
THOMAS - Webster Thomas HS Pool (WT)
Eastridge High School - Eastridge Pool (ER)
Irondequoit High School - Irondequoit HS Pool (IHS)

General Practice Schedule Guidelines

  • Legal holidays - NO PRACTICE
  • Days off from school & school closings - Check the CALENDAR
  • December / Spring breaks: Check the CALENDAR
  • February break: Practice is generally held this week
  • *High School Swim season - Check the CALENDAR for updates

General Practice Time Guidelines

  • Pups (7-8), Sharks (9-10), Fins (11-14), and SR Prep (12-14) groups typically practice in the evenings throughout the year
  • Senior/Performance groups follow the time schedules below
    • ​September - March: Practice is in the evening
    • April - June: Practice may be in the late afternoon after school hours
    • July - Aug: Additional practice in the early morning, plus practice usually in the late afternoon

Schedule changes during High School Swimming/Diving Seasons

*Changes are expected during High School Swim seasons.

  • Usual Fall HS Season: Girls swimming/diving: Sept-Nov
  • Usual Winter HS Season: Boys swimming/diving: Nov-Feb
  • When HS practices or swim meets are held at WAC, the practice starting times or locations may change, or practice may be canceled. Check the CALENDAR for updates.

Dry Land Training

Dry land training, offered for the Senior and Performance groups, will comprise both running and core body work. The activities will vary based on the day and will be done either indoors or outdoors, weather dependent. Swimmers should come prepared for all scenarios for each practice.

Locker Rooms and Etiquette

BlueFins Swimmers use locker rooms 3 (Girls) & 4 (Boys)
Locker rooms and showers are not available for use at this time.

  • SAFE SPORT policies and Code of Conduct are strictly enforced.
  • Locker room gender rule is in place. Only females are allowed in the girls' locker rooms and males in the boys' locker rooms.
  • NO parents (or coaches) are permitted in the WAC locker rooms.
    • Parents of younger swimmers should ask the front desk if they need to check on their swimmer while in the locker area (or the Lifeguard @ Thomas).
  • NO Cell Phones are to be used in the locker rooms.
    • Locker rooms are, and will remain, a private area. For the privacy of all swimmers, no cell phones may be used in the locker rooms. If swimmers need to reach or send texts or call for a ride, this must be done outside the locker room.
  • ALWAYS display safe behavior. Swimmers are asked to behave respectfully towards other swimmers and the facility.

 (updated May 4, 2023)