The Webster Swim Association, and its team, the Webster BlueFins, is a competitive age-group swim program. The team and all its swimmers are members of USA Swimming, the governing and sanctioning body for organized swimming in this country. We are a part of the Niagara LSC, in the Eastern Zone of the US. USA Swimming organizes the US Olympic Team and various National, Zone and LSC competitions. It provides our insurance, sanctions our individual meets, trains officials, and is involved in swimmer and coach development. We compete under USA Swimming rules. Our club sends representatives to Niagara LSC meetings twice a year to participate in this process. 

Our aim is to provide a competitive environment in which children experience the joy of self-improvement, physical conditioning, discipline, and being part of a team. Particularly with the younger age groups, the emphasis is not on winning, but rather on self-improvement. There is an incentives program in place to re-enforce this philosophy.

During competitions swimmers are divided into age groups so that they swim against their peers. The different groups are 8 and under, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14, and 15 and over. The age group a child is in is determined by his or her age on the day of the designated meet. Swimmers may "age-up" during the season depending on their birth date. Many meets also offer OPEN events where multiple age groups race together.

Practice is held four to six days a week. Children aren't expected to attend all practices. However, the older the swimmer, the more practices they are expected to attend. It's important for the younger children to see swimming as fun!


Through a safe and supportive environment, we seek to inspire and motivate our swimmers to become champions in and out of the water.

To be widely recognized for our focus on team culture, community involvement, and athletic achievement.

Core Values

Webster Swim Association
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