USA Swimming - Account Creation / Registration

Step 1: CREATE A LOGIN (if already completed, proceed to Step 2)

The 'Parent Account' exists so that the parent can manage their children's information, registrations, and renewals.
(A coach or other non-athlete will also need to create a login account and do their initial USAS registration.)

  1. Go to USA Swimming Login Page -
  2. Click “CREATE A LOGIN”
  3. Enter a personal email address. Validate with verification code sent to email address.
  4. Enter a user name / password and confirm password. Save.
  5. Enter your user name / password to log in.
  6. Finalize your account.
    Have you personally (not your child/swimmer) ever been a USA Swimming Member?


  • NO – The parent / logged-in user has never been a USA Swimming member, swimmer, coach, official, etc. Answer No and complete the required fields as directed.

  • YES – You have been or are a USA Swimming Member, coach, official, etc.
    Answer Yes and add your 14 character USAS Member ID and Link Account. This is NOT your swimmer’s member ID.

  • Note: If you are a current member and do not link your new Member ID, none of your history will be available to you in your new account. (Ask if you have not been given your member ID.)

Complete your login account.  After your swimmer is registered with USA Swimming, their member ID will be displayed on your dashboard.


Step 2:  REGISTER your Swimmer for USA Swimming Membership using SEPARATE LINK provided by the club.

  • USAS Season runs from 9/1 through 8/31. USAS registration expires 12/31 of the next season.
  • NOTE – renewals for most returning swimmers will be done through one step renewal from the member hub dashboard. Click HERE to log into your USA Swimming Parent member account. You will see "Renew Registrations" button on your dashboard.
  • Register a New Swimmer with USAS or Renew a Returning Swimmer (who was not registered in 2022-23 season).
  1. Use the registration link provide by the club and log in using your user name / password. (Link changes each year.)
    LSC: Niagara Swimming (NI), Club: Webster BlueFins (WEBS) will be displayed. Press Continue.
  2. Who is the membership for?  If for your child, select “someone other than the logged-in user” and one of the following (toggle for Yes / No):

NEW MEMBER  (Select “No” for NEW)

  • Enter all information for your swimmer and contact information.
  • Register as “Premium Athlete.”
  • You may add more than one swimmer to a registration.
  • Review, submit, and remit payment.



  • Enter member’s legal first and last name and DOB and click “Search for Member.”
  • It is important to enter correct first/last name and DOB so member’s history links properly.
  • Enter required information / contact info.
  • Renew as “Premium Athlete.”
  • Review, submit, and remit payment.


Note: The club will bulk renew non-athletes (e.g. coaches / officials) and will reimburse those who do initial registration.

Click HERE for printable version.

It is better to ask than guess. CONTACT US if you have questions.