BlueFins Diving 



This program is currently on hold as we search for a head diving coach to replace Coach Ron, who retired. We will update this page when the program is ready to resume.

Bluefins Diving is a recreational club that seeks to accommodate divers of a broad range of ability levels aged 10 and over. All classes take place at the Webster Aquatic Center.

Bluefins Diving is committed to keeping learning groups small, and in so doing allows athletes to receive personalized instruction while maintaining a focus on diving fundamentals.

Whether it is a beginner comfortable in the water that wants to learn the sport, an intermediate diver that is seeking to learn some new dives in the school offseason, or an advanced competitor that wants to keep sharp with the opportunity for more board time, Bluefins Diving can assist you in meeting your goals.

Diver Level Descriptions:

  • Beginner divers "Sapphire" need only to be able to swim, but willing to try new skills that may feel unfamiliar. The Sapphire group is composed of the youngest, least experienced divers.
  • Advanced Beginner divers "Aqua" have some experience, likely from having participated in the Sapphire group, or have at least 3 dives, and/or are brand new to diving, yet older than the typical beginner, around 12 years and above.
  • Intermediate divers "Indigo" typically fit the profile of a “JV” diver with a legal list of 4 to 6 dives, with sights set on the ability to do dives in every category: front, back, reverse, inward, and twist.
  • Advanced divers "Royal"  typically fit the profile of a varsity athlete with, or working toward, a full competitive list of 11 dives.


If you have any questions about our diving program at this time, please contact our team Head Coach, Coach DJ, at [email protected].